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Los Angeles International Airport  

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world’s fifth busiest passenger airport and ranks eleventh in air cargo tonnage handled, and its popularity shows no sign of decreasing.   In 2006 more than 61 million people traveled through LAX. A commerce leader, its ever-expanding air cargo system handled more than 2.1 million tons of goods. International freight is more than 50 percent of this total. Convenient location, modern facilities, and superior sea/air/land connections have led to LAX's designation as a world-class airport.  LAX handled 70 percent of the passengers, 75 percent of the air cargo, and 95 percent of the international passengers and cargo traffic in the five-county Southern California region.  International travelers will find this the key airport to arrive to resort areas.

LAX Flight Schedules

LAX Airlines

LAX Travel Tips

JWA/SNA - John Wayne Airport 

Central to Orange County and minutes from Costa Mesa, SNA provides domestic and general aviation services.  The most popular and convenient location for service in the area provides major airline convenience with less hassle than most other airports in the region.  Domestic travelers will find this the less expensive ground transportation option.

JWA Travel Tips

Airlines Serving John Wayne Airport


  Alaska Airlines (800) 426-0333 Terminal A

  Aloha Airlines (800) 367-5250 Terminal B

  American Airlines (800) 433-7300 Terminal A

  Continental Airlines (800) 525-0280 Terminal A

  Delta Air Lines (800) 221-1212 Terminal A

  Frontier Airlines (800) 432-1359 Terminal B

  Northwest Airlines (800) 225-2525 Terminal B

  Southwest Airlines (800) 435-9792 Terminal B

  United Airlines (800) 241-6522 Terminal B

  US Airways  (800) 235-9292 Terminal B

  US Airways Express (Mesa)  (800) 235-9292 Terminal B


American Eagle (800) 433-7300 Terminal A

Delta Connection (Skywest) (800) 221-1212 Terminal A

United Express (Skywest) (800) 241-6522 Terminal B

Long Beach Airport serves nearly three million commercial airline passengers annually, offering direct flights throughout the United States with easy domestic and international connections. The Airport hosts Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways and U.S. Airways, with additional commuter flights to be added.

Long Beach Airport is also among the top five busiest general aviation Airports in the world with 340,000 annual general aviation operations, including Life Flight donor organ and critical care patient delivery, law enforcement, and search/rescue flights. It is also a center for air cargo carriers, Airborne/DHL, Fed Ex and UPS that transport more than 49,000 tons of goods each year.

Uniquely, Long Beach Airport is one of the few Airports that continues to be an important aircraft manufacturing and flight-training center, hosting industry giants, The Boeing Company, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Flight Safety and Alteon

LBA Travel Tips

Ontario International Airport  LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) is a medium-hub, full-service airport with commercial jet service to major U.S. cities and through service to many international destinations. ONT is located in the Inland Empire, approximately 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the center of Southern California. The airport is the centerpiece of one of the fastest-growing transportation regions in the United States.  This airport is an option for either the domestic or international traveler, but the price for ground transportation is nearly the same for LAX.

ONT Airlines

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San Diego Airport  The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority prepared the Phase I Airport Master Plan to guide the development of San Diego International Airport to the year 2030 because passenger growth is expected to increase from 17.5 million today to over 27 million. Part of the Airport Master Plan, the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is available for public comment October 2, 2007 through February 4, 2008. The Airport Authority has launched a countywide public outreach program as part of the public comment period for the Draft EIR to inform residents on the Airport Master Plan and the longer-term vision for SDIA.

San Diego Airport Flight Schedules

San Diego Airport Airlines

About Airport transportation Rates From Anaheim CA.   ( Orange County )

1(800)4MY-TAXI - Yellow Cab has the most competitive Yellow Cab rates in Orange County. 
As a large taxifleet operator, we are able to provide deep discounts off regular rates to the major
airports outside of Orange County, CA.    The special airport flat rates are available only at time of
request when on the phone with an operator.  We charge by the trip and not by person.

You will never have to share the ride, "shuttle style" in our taxicabs.   Airport shuttles typically
juggle reservations up to the last minute and require very early reservations to accommodate them-
selves.  Often times, if you are the sole rider, you may be subject to detours for additional persons or
at the discretion of a routing manager.  Avoid the shuttle shuffles and go direct.

Up to six passengers can ride for the price of one or you can relax in a spacious taxi, going at your
convenience without concerns for other passengers.  Make reservations in advance or give us a
minimum of 20 minutes notice and we'll be there.  Anaheim airport trips are typically serviced within 10-20 minutes.  Always allow time for traffic or any other airport delay.  Check with your airport and airline for the best planning and arrival times of your particular flight.

Start Your Airport Trip With Anaheim Yellow Cab Airport Transportation-

Booking your taxi reservation will depend on several factors.  The most important one factor is you. Check with your airline or other resource and plan ahead.  Account for traffic, security, and also
plan for any contingency...  Add an extra half hour to hour to your suggested time to arrive at your
terminal.  Follow the advice of the link below or use our airport links for more help

Airport Transportation Reservations In Anaheim

Reservations by taxi to the airport are the most convenient, and with us, one of the most reliable means to the Airport.  Our service will take you to the airport at your convenience.  Your call reserves a vehicle in advance by up to one week, exclusive to only you.  Your reservation is not kept in the air as with most shuttle or other grouped transportation, waiting for placement with other callers, up to the last minute.  This exclusivity provides you the most reliable method of getting to SNA, LAX, ONT, and LBA  ( or any other airport).

How to Make An Airport Reservation To LAX, SNA/JWA, LBA, ONT, and Beyond

The easiest way to make a reservation is by calling us.  Other options include chatting a reservation or booking online through our corporate website.  Calls are the most reassuring form of reserving your airport taxi.  Booking through our chat feature, allows you more convenience and real time confirmation by a person on the other end.  Online booking with our form is another convenient method of reserving your Airport Yellow Cab.  Book online, and receive an email confirmation of your request.  Online booking does require a lead time of several hours or days.  Chatting and calling are "real time" methods.

CHEAP Airport Transportation Flat Rates

We provide a super competitive airport flat rate.  The flat rate we have is generally a discount of around %10 to 20% off regular airport taxi meter rates.   Special rates to the airport may not be combined with other coupons or discounts.  Our other discount of $5 off or 10% off is good for non-airport transportation.  The flat rate to the airport is a per vehicle cost, so up to six people can ride for the price of one in a minivan taxi.  This cost savings provides the "lower than shuttle rate" we advertise. 

Airport  Transportation Pitfalls

Be aware of the "little guy".  Local Anaheim companies advertised on the Internet may be one or two man shows.  Although they may save you a couple dollars versus our competitive rate - you could pay a much higher price if the taxi does not show.  Anaheim Cab Airport Transportation utilizes Computerized dispatching and reservations to avoid the "cheap ride" reliability problem.

Anaheim Shuttle Service

Anaheim Airport Shuttle service can be a surprise.  Shuttles may be a taxicab company in disguise.  One prominent advertiser in the area does not even tell you that they are a taxi company.  Expect a shuttle, and receive a taxi, often older and possibly unlicensed.   The final insult is that they tell you the shuttle could not make it, and they were sent instead.  Avoid this shuttle shuffle and stick with our reliability or a major name shuttle company in Anaheim, Ca. 

     Anaheim CA Taxi & Airport Transportation Service
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Zip Code      Flat Rate     Flat Rate    Flat Rate     Flat Rate

92801Anaheim $48.00$43.00$89.00$82.00

Disney Resort Area
92802Anaheim          $42.$49.   $95. $99.00


92804Anaheim $46.00$40.00$97.00$85.00

92805Anaheim $43.00$60.00$95.00$90.00

92806Anaheim $40.00$58.00$87.00$90.00












To Receive A Flat Rate, It Must Be Requested At Time of ORDER !
To Receive A Flat Rate or Discounted Fare From Anaheim To The John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, Ontario Airport, or Los Angeles International Airport - It Must Be Requested At Time of ORDER or the driver may not honor the quote.
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